Nashville Area Residential & Commercial Tree Removal

We have the experience, equipment and man-power for any type of residential or commerical tree removal necessary to help remove any size tree throughout Nashville, inculding Hendersonville, Brentwood and other Nashville neighborhoods.

Reasons for Tree Removal

We are nature lovers, but sometimes a tree removal is the only option available. There are many reasons why trees may
need to be removed, these include:Tree removal nashville

  • Tree is dead, diseased or dying
  • Tree is leaning towards people or property
  • It’s outgrown it’s growth area
  • Branches are rubbing up against roofs, windows or power lines
  • Roots causing major disturbance to walkway areas (driveway, sidewalk)>
  • Storm Damage
  • Open Cavities
  • Fungi
  • Cracks in the wood
  • Loose or dead bark
  • It’s in the way (New construction-vanity purposes)

Reduce Your Liabilities by Removing Unsafe Trees

Whatever the specific reason may be for your tree removal, it should never be performed by you or a non-professional.

There’s a certain criteria you should look into before hiring someone to remove your tree. To start, the particular company should have
all of the proper credentials. This includes being Insured and bonded. You should also check their reviews.

Experience is also of the utmost importance. If one wrong thing goes bad, you could be in a heap of trouble.

Nashville Area Tree Services

Falling Timber Trees Services. has been providing expert Tree Care services for over 20 years. You can always count on us to provide your home or business with friendly, professional and expert tree care. O Our team comes equipped with the latest in safety techniques, tools, and experience. Whether you have trees on your residential or commercial property,we are completely at your service.  These services include

  • Tree Pruning/Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Storm Tree Damage
  • Tree Analysis
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Evaluation
  • Tree Disease Control
  • Insect Management
  • Fruit Tree Pruning